Collio Friulano Valeris

Technical qualities

DESCRIPTION: DOC (Registered Designation of Origin)
White Wine

Municipality of San Floriano del Collio

PRODUCTION AREA: Bivio, Valerisce

EXTENSION: 0,50 ha

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100 % Tocai Friulano

SOILS: Hilly terrain of stratified Eocene marl and sandstone

YIELD PER HECTARE: 60 – 65 ql.

GROWING SYSTEM: Double Guyot. Very old vines, aged
between 60 and 80 years

HARVEST: Hand-harvested by the third decade of September

VINIFICATION: De-stemming and crushing of grapes and
following maceration on the skins for 12 hours at a temperature of 15°C. Soft pressing and cleaning by setting of the obtained must. Alcoholic fermentation for 8-10 days at controlled
temperature (16-18°C). After the end of the fermentation,
ageing on fine lees ‘sur lie’ in steel vats with periodical batonnage for at least three months

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 13 – 13,5% vol. (depending on the

COLOUR: Straw yellow with a green tinge

BOUQUET: Crisp, with the characteristic bouquet reminding
apricot, exotic fruits and white pepper

PALATE: Dry, tangy, perky, with a nice body

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Excellent pre-dinner drink, it
goes well with risotto, soups and fish, including fatty fish