Muzic History

How it started

The history of our family

In 1927 following the Great War, our great-grandparents settled in San Floriano del Collio in the province of Gorizia (Friuli Venezia Giulia), bringing their experience to the important moment of reconstruction of viticulture following the conflict.

They started as simple settlers in the locality called Bivio, in a house that still bore the signs of war devastation, rebuilding it.

They could only count on the house to live in, a small but ancient underground cellar for making wine, a few vineyards and some orchards to cope with the poverty of difficult years.

Do only what is needed, only when and where is needed

– Passed down for generations in the Muzic family

Muzic members

Muzic Wines from 4 Generations

Ivan Muzic



Orieta Jarc Muzic



Elija Muzic



Fabijan Muzic


The wine trail

From an ancient cellar

Years of relaunching agriculture, selection of vine and fruit varieties, as demonstrated by the precious work by Ernesto MassiThe geographical environment and economic development in the Gorizia area“, published in 1933. These are also the years in which the mainly the Tocai and Malvasia varieties, on the advice of the Conegliano Experimental Station. Some vineyards that we still use today: they are in fact eighty years old!

The Second World War also affected our territory, and subsequently the grandparents Luigi and Jolanda managed to purchase the house in which they already lived and the first five hectares of land, which they had already worked and known for years. It was 1963, the year of the creation of the “Wine and Cherry Road“, from Gorizia to San Floriano.

In this strip of land that is the COLLIO, made up of sunny hills and gentle slopes, whose climate is mitigated by the breeze from the Adriatic Sea, our family has continued to work with tenacity and sacrifice. Over the years the Collio Consortium was born (1964), the “Wine Road” was extended to the entire hilly area, while we increased the company surface area, planting new vineyards on the characteristic soils of stratified marl and sandstone, which are locally called “ponca”.


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The company today

For thirty years now the guiding light of the company has been Ivan Muzic, son of Luigi and Jolanda. He is a “free spirit” born to live in the midst of its vineyards in any season and in any weather, driven by a great passion for nature and for his land.

At his side there are Orieta, his wife, and their two sons – Elija and Fabijan – which have been flanking their father with passion and professionalism both in the vineyards and in the cellar for years.

The company has never stopped growing and has reached twenty hectares of vineyards (eighteen enrolled in the Doc COLLIO, plus two hectares located in the neighbour Doc FRIULI ISONZO area). Recently, in fact, new lands and a historic building were acquired; they are present in the annals of the area because they belonged to the De Randich family in the past, linked over the centuries to wine production in San Floriano del Collio.

There are three great forces driving our company: growth, tradition and respect for the environment, where the first cannot be separated from the others! The core of our production are the native vineyards, also when we implant new vineyards we do it starting exclusively from those same plants we have been growing for years, without inserting external clones. This choice led us to have vineyards that have been growing on our land for almost a century, among which our Malvasia stands out; it is an institution of the territory since the plants have been the same for over 80 years. The alchemy that linked the land and the vineyards is a priceless value, and this makes our wines, if possible, even more typical and extraordinary!

The sense of proportion comes from the teachings of our ancestors, which are essential for that purpose and can be summed up in this maxim: “Do only what is needed, only when and where is needed.”

Collio and the History

Muzic cellar and more over ..

In San Floriano del Collio, since 1927, the Muzic family has been cultivating vines and producing wine.

Four generations that find expression in the quality of their products.